The thing is...
I used to be someone else. But that account I had to delete. I don't want to give up on LJ. It's been my happy place for many years.

brbb - mix
you and your friends vs. me and the revolution

download here

01. you and your friends vs. me and the revolution - the blackout
02. start the shooting - a day to remember
03. i took a beating - i am the avalanche
04. white people for peace - new wave
05. 21st century fight song - jackson united
06. iím a riot? youíre a fucking riot - the blackout
07. gaia bleeds (make way for men) - set your goals
08. supersonic speed - die happy
09. you canít stop me - guano apes
10. burn burn - lostprophets
11. dirt - mcqueen
12. st. anger - metallica
13. citizen erased - muse
14. curmudgeon - nirvana
15. yes itís fucking political - skunk anansie
16. demolition lovers - my chemical romance

Go read lalejandra's fic run for ur life & take all that u can. xo here

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BRBB - Mix
from above

download here

01. 6 o'clock on a tubestop - a
02. free coffee town - ben folds
03. tall, dark, handsome stranger - heart
04. 5 pm - die happy
05. hopeless case of a kid in denial - the hellacopters
06. from above - ben folds
07. dance for you - die happy
08. boomboxes and dictionaires - gaslight anthem
09. in a manner of speaking - nouvelle vague
10. watching you - melissa etheridge
11. you picked me - a fine frenzy
12. liquid - the rasmus
13. love like tides - lovebugs

Mixer Notes: pairing: preferably brendon/spencer or pete/patrick but it can be anyone as long as itís not pete/mikey. please no pete/mikey. no rape/non-con/dub-con, character death, suicide, mpreg

Go read verbyna's fic The Weight Of Us here

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footballslash rec list
ok, so, footballslash was my first proper fandom here on LiveJournal and unfortunately, I didn't know the quirks of memorising stuff back then. So I read hundred of good fics and will never find them again because I never bookmarked any of it.

At one point, I did start bookmarking stuff, though, so here's my tiny little footballslash rec-list:

cut for lenghtCollapse )

drowning lessons (bbb mix)
Fanmix for the bandombigbang 2011, wave two.

mix originally posted here

The fic's Masterpost is here. Go and read it! Spencer is a fish-scientist!

01. fisheye - apocalyptica
02. across the sea - weezer
03 .santa monica bay - johnossi
04. the purification of water - rivers cuomo
05. you don't know me - ben folds feat. regina spektor
06. i bet that you look good on the dancefloor - arctic monkeys
07. the kind of dirt you can't wash off - i spy strangers
08. drowning lessons - my chemical romance
09. breathe underwater - placebo
10. better together - jack johnson
11. walls - all time low
12. the ocean - the bravery

bandom, part 1: an introduction
ok, so bandom. let me tell you about it. the first rule of bandom is: everything is linked to pete wentz. the second rule is: we would have not been able to make this shit up.

with every band i'm looking at the following: the people, the story, the music, the slash. i tried to make this as hyperlink-y as possible, so you get how EVERYTHING IS LINKED WITH ONE ANOTHER.

also, please notice: 1) everything i know, i know off the ~internet. so if you read something and know that this is a rumour/not true/etc. please drop me a comment! 2) there is some of my opinion in that post. i know this, please know this too. 3) there's also loads of slash in this post. if you don't like that, don't read it.


Ok, so now that you know who is who, let's go to the second part of this primer, the BANDOM IS A WHOREHOUSE PICSPAM

bandom, part 2: the whorehouse picspam
ok, so as you already learned, in bandom everyone knows each other and is somehow linked to each other etc etc. To highlight this fact I made you a picspam with loads of people from different bands. The pictures are in no particular order, I also know that there probably are 389 times more pictures to highlight this fact. Those are just the ones I had saved somewhere.

The 'Bandom is a whorehouse' PicspamCollapse )

Now that you've seen the bandom!whorehouse, let's go to the third part of this primer, the EPIC REC-LIST OF FIC

bandom: the epic rec list
Ok, so you know everyone in bandom is connected to everyone and they also really like each other. So there's loads of slash written about those people.

So here is my epic reclist of bandom slash. I feel, though, that there is only half of all the good fic I read in bandom, so I will try and hunt some more fiction down and then update this list. Most of them are bigbangs, because I really like long fics. also when scrolling through this list you might notice my soft spot for highschool/college!aus. but maybe you like those too....

pete/patrickCollapse )

brendon/spencerCollapse )

brendon/ryanCollapse )

jon/spencerCollapse )

frank/gerardCollapse )

gabe/williamCollapse )

other pairingsCollapse )

Bandom Big Bang MasterlistsCollapse )

Spencer Smith Is Hot As Fuck: A Picspam
So, for a long time I thought that Spencer Smith was looking like a lesbian girl and that something with his body just wasn't right. Looking at his face always made me cringe a little, because something was just off. But then... the Panic! in China video happened and first I was all 'Hi Brendon! Hi cute guitarist! [Ian] Hi amazingly beautiful dude in a pink shirt! [Dallon] and then suddenly Spencer appeared and WHOA, he was looking HOT!


pictures of you (pete/patrick)
Just a short and tiny thing, written for a friend because there were awesome photos of Patrick on icecreamhdaches and we know that Pete is the biggest lurker. So he will see them.

158 words. un-beta'ed.

pictures of youCollapse )


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